Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Global Music Report?

    The Global Music Report is a major annual publication of IFPI and contains the definitive financial record of the recording industry worldwide. The Global Music Report 2019 looks at the recorded music industry for the calendar year 2018, providing five years of data, from 2014-2018, across a range of formats and sectors such as streaming, digital downloads, physical sales, and performance rights and synchronisation. The report provides analysis on a global, regional, and country basis. Individual sections look at more than fifty countries or territories worldwide.

  • How is the report made available?

    The Global Music Report 2019 is prefaced by a "State of the Industry" section which discusses global trends and provides an overview of the recorded music industry in 2018. This section is available to download for free. The full Global Music Report, containing detailed and comprehensive data and analysis, is available for purchase. IFPI members receive the report for free.

  • What happened to the "Recording Industry in Numbers" and the "Digital Music Report"?

    In 2016, the Global Music Report combined the Recording Industry in Numbers and the Digital Music Report to become a single annual IFPI publication. The data and analysis section of the GMR contains similar key material previously found in Recording Industry in Numbers.

  • How can I use material from the free State of the Industry section of the Global Music Report?

    The GMR Terms of Use and Content Usage Rules explain how you can use material and data points from the free State of the Industry section of the Global Music Report.

  • How can I use material from the Data and Analysis section of the Global Music Report within reports or work that is kept internal to my company or organisation?

    If you have purchased the IFPI Global Music Report 2019 through this site, you may use material or data contained within the the Data and Analysis section, the Excel spreadsheet add-on, and the Powerpoint slides in any reports or derivative works that remain inside your company or organisation, subject to the Terms of Use and the Content Usage Rules.

  • I want to use material contained in the Data and Analysis section of the Global Music Report within reports or works that will be made available external to my company or organisation. How can I do this?

    Any external use of data or material from the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report 2019 requires an External Use Licence. A fee is ordinarily payable for this licence, which sets out the terms under which data or material from the IFPI Global Music Report 2019 Data and Analysis section can be used in reports, publications, or articles that go outside your organisation.

    The External Use Licence covers activities such as citing data or material from the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report 2019 in reports, publications, or presentations; using the data in derivative works (for instance, combining the material with other sources to build a forecasting model); or using the data or material when providing services to third parties such as databases and dashboards.

    The External Use Licence covers the use of material from the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report 2019, the Excel add-on spreadsheets, and the Powerpoint summary.

    For more detail on the External Use Licence, please contact

  • I am an academic and want to use data from the Global Music Report in an article or book publication. Do I need an External Use License?

    Please contact IFPI at to discuss your plans and needs.

  • How will my purchase be delivered?

    When purchasing PDF data of the report via the webshop, delivery of digital data (ie full report PDF, country page PDF or Excel data) is automated and you will receive an email with access details once payment is confirmed. Those purchasing the Recorded Music Industry or Academic / non-profit packages will be subject to manual verification of status which may require waiting until the next business day.

  • I am an IFPI member — how can I get my copy?

    The full report PDF is free to all IFPI members. To claim your free report PDF please email Please include your membership number.

  • I am a journalist — how can I get more information about the report or use some of the material from the report?

    For any press enquiries, please contact our press office ( with details of your publication and needs.

  • I represent a university / I am an academic / I am a student — how can I get a copy of the GMR?

    We have made the report available at a reduced rate for universities/academic institutions. The academic package available via the webshop is intended for university libraries and offers either hard copies or a PDF that can be used site-wide. Please email for further details. If you are a student seeking a copy but it is not available via your university library we are happy to contact the relevant person and supply them the details for purchasing the report. Proof of academic status may be required. Under certain circumstances, we may be willing to offer the report or certain data sets for academic work at a reduced rate. Please get in touch with details of your proposal.

  • The pricing of the report and data has increased in recent years. Why is that?

    In recent years, IFPI has made major investments in systems, resources, and personnel - not just centrally but across our national group structure worldwide - to ensure that the revenue data contained within the Global Music Report is as accurate, reliable, and comprehensive as possible. There are very few industries in any sector that are able to deliver as complete, extensive, timely, and definitive view of the financial state of their industry globally, regionally, and in detail across more than fifty countries. Doing so takes continued investment, a methodical approach, and a commitment to providing the very best service.

  • Does the report contain market share information?

    No, IFPI does not publish market share data (that is, the share of the recorded music market earned by different recording companies or digital service providers). For details about what is included in the report, including sample data, click here.

  • I’m not sure about some of the terms used in the report

    Please refer to the sources and notes page (page 131 of the GMR 2018) – this sets out the sources used in the report as well as key glossary terms and definitions.

  • Do the prices include VAT?

    Customers in the UK and customers in the EU who are without a valid VAT number will be charged VAT (20%) on top of the prices shown in the calculator, where applicable.