Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the report format?

    The Global Music Report consists of two sections:

    State of the industry (available to download free on IFPI’s website)
    Data and analysis (premium section, available to purchase)

    The full report, containing both sections is only available to customers and IFPI members.

  • Is it the same as ‘Recording Industry in Numbers’?

    The Global Music Report replaces the IFPI reports previously published as Digital Music Report and Recording Industry in Numbers. The premium data and analysis section contains much of the key data previously found in Recording Industry in Numbers (RIN). Previous RIN clients looking for equivalent annual tables may be interested in the full Global Music Report.

  • How will my purchase be delivered?

    When purchasing PDF data of the report via the webshop, delivery of digital data (ie full report PDF, country page PDF or Excel data) is automated and you will receive an email with access details once payment is confirmed.

  • I am an IFPI member — how can I get my copy?

    The full report PDF is free to all IFPI members. To claim your free report PDF please email Please include your membership number.

  • I am a journalist — how can I get more information about the report?

    For any press enquiries, please contact our press office ( with details of your publication.

  • I am a student / I work for a university — can I get a copy?

    We have made the report available at a reduced rate for universities/academic institutions. The package via the webshop includes hard copies only. For details of IFPI’s academic discount on the PDF format of the report please email If you are a student seeking a copy but it is not available via your university library we are happy to contact the relevant person and supply them the details for purchasing the report. Proof of academic status may be required.

  • Does the report contain market share information?

    No, IFPI does not publish market share data. For details about what is included in the report, including sample data, click here.

  • I’m not sure about some of the terms used in the report

    Please refer to the sources and notes page (page 131 of the 2018 edition) – this sets out the sources used the report plus key glossary terms and definitions.

  • How can the report be used?

    All sales of the report, or parts thereof (including the PDF, physical copies, Excel data, and country page data), are made subject to our terms and conditions. Please ensure that you have read and understood them before making any orders. A copy of our terms and conditions can be found here.

  • Do the prices include VAT?

    Customers in the UK and customers in the EU, without a valid VAT number, will be charged VAT (20%) on top of the prices shown in the calculator, where applicable.