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The definitive source of data for the recorded music industry during 2020.

An annual report available in PDF with Excel tables containing a wealth of detailed data.

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The full Global Music Report 2021 was published on March 23rd 2021. It contains a detailed assessment of the recorded music industry for the calendar year 2020. The report features extensive and authoritative data for the global industry and across fifty-seven individual markets.

The pricing of the Global Music Report has been updated to reflect the continued investment in data quality, market coverage and analysis to provide the most accurate and granular snapshot of the global recorded music business.

The GMR data is also available for purchase by country, region or format. For bespoke data requests, please contact for a quote.

The full Data and Analysis Report:

  • is a 170 page report with a detailed, analytical, and comprehensive picture of the key trends affecting today's music business
  • is an invaluable source of data and analysis about the recorded music market globally for music companies, analysts, investors, commentators, academics, and many others
  • contains global and regional data, as well as country-level data for fifty-seven markets, from 2016-2020
  • includes a PDF copy of the full Global Music Report as well as a 30-slide PowerPoint presentation and a detailed Excel spreadsheet which includes all data in flat file format.

The report contains a wealth of new information and analysis, including breakouts for the Africa/Middle East region and Vietnam, MENA, Bolivia, and Romania for the first time, as well as detailed analysis of IFPI’s Global Charts.


What’s in the report?

The Data and Analysis for 2020 Report features:

  • In-depth analysis of the recorded music sector in the calendar year 2020, including detailed analysis of the key factors driving growth
  • Analysis of each major revenue stream (streaming, downloads and other digital, physical, performance rights and synchronisation)
  • Global ranking of markets in 2020 by overall recorded music revenues, streaming, other digital, physical, performance rights, and synchronisation revenues
  • Recorded music sales for 2016-2020 by country
  • Analysis of major regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Australasia, with the addition of Africa and the Middle East for the first time))
  • In-depth analysis on the impact of streaming, through subscription, ad-supported, and video formats
  • IFPI Global Charts, including top 20 global artists, global digital single, global all format album and global album sales
  • Per-capita recorded music spend 2020
  • Detailed appendices containing award and certification levels for more than fifty territories, sales tax levels, and US$ exchange rates for 2020
  • Country-level data for more than 50 territories for each year 2016-2020, including:
    • + Splits for streaming, downloads, other digital, physical, performance rights and synchronisation revenues
    • + Revenues by format for all streaming formats, permanent downloads, and different physical categories
    • + Where available, top songs, albums, and independent labels
    • + Bolivia, MENA, Romania and Vietnam included for the first time

Not all information listed is available for every country. Contact if you have a query on which data points are available for a specific country.

Sample pages from Global Music Report:

Full table of contents Download
Excel Spreadsheet contents
Sample country page (Ireland)
Sample Excel spreadsheets (Ireland) Download
Methodology and Sources Download


Additional Benefits

In addition to the full Data and Analysis Report, IFPI provides valuable additional content. Starting with the Global Music Report 2021, this content is now available in every package:

  • Organisation-wide access to the Global Music Report material and data with no limit on user access, although there are restrictions on the external publication of GMR data. Please see the terms of use for more information.
  • Full Excel data tables – Excel file containing global data and individual country breakouts for the 57 markets included in this year’s report in editable spreadsheets, containing country page data and selected appendix tables as well as analyst-friendly flat files.
  • Presentation summary – a slide deck outlining the key messages of the Data and Analysis Report, including the key trends by consumption format and region.


Packages & pricing

Three packages are available, depending on your type of organisation. Each package includes the same materials.

Premium: available to any organisation, company, or individual.

Recorded Music Industry: available to entities whose primary activity is the creation / production / publishing of music recordings. Music retailers or digital service providers do not typically qualify for this package. The Recorded Music Industry package will not be delivered automatically after purchase but only following verification of status which will be at IFPI’s discretion.

Academic or non-profit: available to buyers from academic institutions (eg libraries or research institutions) or non-profit organisation. This package will not be delivered automatically after purchase but only following verification of status which will be at IFPI’s discretion.

Feature Premium Recorded
Music Industry
Academic / non-profit
License Organisation-wide Organisation-wide Site-wide
Full Data and Analysis Report in PDF
Powerpoint presentation
Full Excel tables for 50+ countries
Hard copy Free on request Free on request
Price £15,000 £3,000 £3,000


Terms of Use: Global Music Report

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Internal Use

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External Use

Any external use of data or material from the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report requires an External Use Licence for which a fee of £25,000 is payable. This licence covers the terms under which data or material from the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report can be used in items such as reports, publications, or presentations which go outside your organisation.

The External Use Licence covers activities such as citing data or material from the Data and Analysis section in external reports, publications, or presentations; using the data in derivative works (for instance, building a forecasting model) which are then used externally; or using the data or material when providing services to third parties, such as in databases and dashboards.

The External Use Licence covers the material and data in the Data and Analysis section of the IFPI Global Music Report, the Excel add on spreadsheets, and the Powerpoint summary.

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