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The definitive source of recorded music market data — an annual report available in PDF, hard copy and Excel.

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The Global Music Report 2018: Data and Analysis Report was published on 24 April 2018 and contains a detailed assessment of the recorded music industry for the full year 2017.

The report also features extensive and authoritative data for the global industry and across more than fifty individual markets.

The full Data and Analysis Report:

  • is a 130+ page report with a detailed, analytical, and comprehensive picture of the key trends affecting today's music business
  • is an invaluable source of data and analysis about the recorded music market globally for music companies, analysts, investors, commentators, academics, and many others
  • contains global, regional, and country-level data for more than fifty markets from 2013-2017
  • is accompanied by additional content including a comprehensive excel version of the report with data for more than fifty markets, an executive summary, and powerpoint presentation
  • is available to purchase through this web site. Three levels of package are available – scroll down for further details.

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What’s in the report?

The Data and Analysis Report features:

  • Recorded music sales for 2013-2017 by country
  • In-depth analysis of the recorded music sector
  • Country-level data for more than 50 markets
  • Top global albums and singles 2017

In addition, the Data and Analysis Report contains:

  • Global ranking of markets in 2017 by overall market, physical, overall digital, streaming, performance rights, and synchronisation revenues
  • Analysis of major regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Australasia)
  • Analysis of changing format popularity: streaming, digital, and physical formats
  • In-depth analysis on the impact of streaming, through subscription, ad-supported, and video formats
  • In-depth analysis of performance rights
  • Global-level physical volume data 1973-2017, including CDs and vinyl
  • Global-level physical volume data 1973-2016, including CDs and vinyl
  • Per-capita recorded music spend 2017
  • Recorded music sales for 2013–2017 by country
  • Country-level data for more than 50 territories, including:
    • Splits for digital, physical, performance rights and synchronisation revenues - global, regional and national
    • Digital revenues by format at global, regional and national level for:
      • Total streaming revenue
      • Paid subscription audio streams
      • Ad-supported audio streams
      • Video streams
      • Single track downloads
      • Full album downloads
      • Mobile personalisation and other downloads
    • Top albums and singles 2017

Not all information listed is available for every country. Contact if you have a query on which data points are available for a specific country.

Sample pages

Full contents list Download
Sample country page
Sample Excel spreadsheet for single country

State of the industry

View topline stats and content highlights from the ‘State of the Industry’ section of the report.

Explore the State of the industry Visit

Additional Content

In addition to the Data and Analysis Report, IFPI provides valuable complementary content (depending on package purchased):

  • Full Excel data tables – a sixty-tab Excel version of report data for more than fifty markets in editable spreadsheets, containing country page data and selected appendix tables (select as an add-on to the purchase of the Data and Analysis Report)
  • Executive summary – the highlights of the Data and Analysis Report to ease understanding of main trends and messages
  • Presentation summary – a slide deck outlining the key messages of the Data and Analysis Report, including main trends per revenue sector, regional trends, and a detailed analysis of streaming
  • Online data access – an online portal featuring country data contained in the Data and Analysis Report, including the ability to make online comparisons between different countries

Packages & pricing


Three levels of packages are available: Premium, Recorded Music Industry, and Academic. The matrix below outlines what is available in each package. Single country data is also available separately.

Feature Premium Recorded Music Industry * Academic
Full Report PDF Option (site-wide license)
Full Excel tables for 50+ countries Optional Optional  
Hard copy Optional Optional Option (3 copies)
Executive summary  
Powerpoint presentation  
Online data access    

* Package only available to buyers from the Recorded Music Industry (an entity whose primary activity is the creation / production / publishing of music recordings). This package will not be delivered automatically after purchase but only following verification of status which will be at IFPI’s discretion.


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